Dollhouse Lane

Dollhouse collection inspiration board
A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was dreaming up plans for an entire, little dollhouse neighborhood and here they are!  After I finish the beachy Cavalier Cottage and decorate it in shades of orange, aqua, lime and gray, I want to build that little tudor dollhouse and decorate it in pastel pink and green, shabby chic style…..it will be called Princess Emma’s Palace…….and then I want to build a replica of that classic, southern house and decorate it in neutrals…….that one will be called Baxter’s Bungalow.

And then I want to decorate the houses for the holidays and of course each house will have it’s own style of holiday decor!  How ridiculously cute would that be?!

Nevermind the fact that I’m already in the process of building a dollhouse bakery and I’ve been gathering supplies for a dollhouse winery……I’m dreaming big!  And turning my little neighborhood into a little town!




I had planned on spending last week working on my dollhouse…..and sewing…..and designing things in Illustrator…..and telling you all about my plans for an entire dollhouse neighborhood…..and spending the week doing girly, crafty things while John was on a guy-ish, camping type surf trip…..but somehow he managed to convince me to come along after he said he’d rent a Glamper for me and the dogs!  I had two days to get ready and I’m not really a spur of the moment kind of girl but sometimes it’s fun to live outside your comfort zone!
Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in lounge chair
Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniels playing in ocean

Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel beauty shot close up

Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on picnic table at the beach
Emma and Baxter LOVED Glamping at the beach!  They played in the water, frolicked in the sand and intently watched the world go by from their perch on top of the picnic table.  John LOVED Glamping too!  He surfed every day and made campfires and grilled dinner for us every night.  And I LOVED seeing everyone have so much fun.  But I also really, really, REALLY LOVE high speed internet, Netflix, being really clean and all of the other luxuries of modern life that are harder to come by while Glamping.  We had so much fun but I’m so happy to be back home…..and so happy that my feet are no longer covered in dirt!  I’m an “Indoor Girl” at heart and proud of it!



Cavalier Cottage

Orchid dollhouse kit by Greenleaf kit bash in progress
 After sitting neglected and ignored in a box for over a year since our cross-country move from Florida to California last summer, this sweet little dollhouse is finally getting the love and attention it deserves.

It was a great distraction from all of the stuff that’s going on with Emma.  I spent several days installing beadboard on the walls…..cutting about a zillion popsicle sticks for the “hardwood” floor and “plank” ceiling……..
Kit bashed Orchid dollhouse kit by Greenleaf in progress
And painting and priming my heart out before I ended up in bed for a week with a wicked, little cold.
White washed Orchid dollhouse by Greenleaf in progress
But I’m feeling all better now and ready to get back to work on the Cavalier Cottage!
I know it looks very, VERY white right now but I’m dreaming up ideas for all sorts of sweet and colorful accessories.  This is my “Inspiration Board” for the cottage decor…..
Orange, aqua, green, grey mood board
In my mind, the cottage is in a beautiful little beach town like Carmel, California or Martha’s Vineyard……

It’s going to be light and airy and beachy….

It’s going to have working lights, gingerbread trim, a fireplace that flickers and yes…..those French doors open to let in the ocean breezes!

And I’m already dreaming up ideas for two more houses to make an adorable little neighborhood!  I’ll tell you all about those next time!


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