Live Like Emma

Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel hugging Mommy on the beach

One year ago today we said goodbye to Emma after she bravely battled cancer for ten months. We're feeling a lot better now but life will never be as sweet as it was when Emma was here and we'll forever be a bit lost without her. 

Even though we always cherished every second with her, the longer she's gone the more I realize how amazing she was. She enjoyed the simple things in life. She was wise, mellow, loving, brave, confident, forgiving, sweet, funny, lazy and happy. She was my zen master, my hero and my role model. She never worried and she unapologetically went after whatever she wanted. If something bothered her she didn't pick a fight, she just walked away. She gave the best hugs EVER! She was the embodiment of everything we should all strive to be and I was so incredibly lucky to have her in my life for nine wonderful years. 

I will forever be grateful to all of you who showered me with love and support during her cancer battle and the months that followed. And I will forever be grateful to Emma for teaching me everything I need to know about life: live in the moment, love with all your heart, be grateful for everything good in your life, enjoy the simple things, greet everyone and everything with a joyful, positive attitude and spread sunshine wherever you go! 

The world would be a better place if everyone remembered to Live Like Emma!


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